Tickets are now available at and in 10 Courts Mammouth shops across the island.

Additionally, you can purchase the tickets at Sri Ranganath Mandir in Rose Hill. Contact Ramdasi via Telegram or WhatsApp on +86 19901741071 for more details.

Take part in Holi
  • Pre-purchase your set of organic, non-toxic, edible Holi powders at a discounted price
  • Holi powder set is available as an add-on to the ticket
  • Holi will take place on Saturday, 17 Dec 2022

Ecstatic Motion

Gift Tickets

Gift ticket to those who cannot afford. For each ticket you gift, we will gift one more. Share the love! 🙂 (Gift ticket is available as an additional ticket option.)

Ecstatic Motion

Camping On-Site
  • Book your camping spot below
  • Choose option to rent a tent or bring your own
  • Enclosed outside showers will be available



Due to regional payment processing of the ticketing platform, prices are displayed in HKD (Hong Kong Dollar). It is unfortunately not possible to change this setting, so we apologise in advance for the inconvenience. To make your life easier, we prepared short price comparison. 😛

199 HKD ~ 1,150 MUR ~ 25 EUR
349 HKD ~ 2,000 MUR ~ 43 EUR
699 HKD ~ 4,000 MUR ~ 87 EUR
2,599 HKD ~ 14,800 MUR ~ 325 EUR

Ticketing Policy
  • Children below 12 have free entrance
  • Teenagers between 12-18 years have 50% discount (available as a separate option)
  • We do not offer refunds

If you have any questions regarding JLF tickets, please write to us at