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Talented Artists

One of the signature elements of Just Love Festival is the musical program – main stage concerts, lots of smaller jams and even some spontaneous performances. I was able to witness super talented and creative people express their hearts’ voice and share their art. I was inspired, moved and carried away many times.

Inspiring Arts & Craft

Just Love includes an arts/crafts fair- from handmade and organic things, to paintings and more. Each year different vendors come. I always get something as gifts for friends and family every time I go.

Incredible Vegetarian Food

Just Love Festival is a purely vegetarian space, but don’t worry about boring snacks or starving all the time. Each year, people from different countries bring their signature vegetarian dishes with lots of flavors. A true rodeo of tastes, spices and colors.

Significant Change

JLF brings lots of spiritual people together, and it’s an ideal place to share your experience, teach others, or learn and improve yourself. A term “meditation” has lots of misconceptions to it but at Just Love I’ve managed to learn techniques on how to handle my daily situations.

I Felt at Home

If you like to party and nurture your heart and soul in one go, you should definitely try Just Love Festival! I don’t know how the organizers do that but you get to feel welcomed, at home even, and have lots of fun! You can simply chill and float in the nice ambience of the space or hang out with some incredible people or try new things. Super cool!

Multicultural Vibes

JLF brings some renowned spiritual music performers from across the world. From soothing meditative experiences to intense kirtan or ecstatic dance sessions, the program is vast and many times you will be challenged to decide where you want to be – listening to an amazing performer or go to a mediation session.

Out of the Ordinary

Fire Angels

Shyam Tattoo

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